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Settled and Safe


We realise and understand that you will want to be certain your child is safe and secure in our care, and be reassured that the welfare, safety and security of your child is our top priority. 


Our policies and procedures cover all elements of health and safety and we conduct rigorous checks on all adults working in the setting.  We train our staff team to follow appropriate procedures, such as risk/benefit assessments every day. 


Children learn about challenges and risks everyday, as part of their natural innate curiosity. They enjoy making decisions, experimenting and trying experiences within the world in which they live.  We support children to make appropriate challenges and for them to manage their own risk and understand what is 'risky'.  The staff team are passionate and love supporting all of the children, and always ensure their interests and safety is met first.

Settling into Pre School


Our experienced staff team are on hand to help support your child's first few sessions with great sensitivity. We strive to build a strong nurturing relationship with every child in our setting and to achieve the ‘best outcome’ for every child and family. It is paramount that we develop a mutual, respectful relationship with you, the child's parents or main carers. We want you to have the confidence to leave your most precious child with us and we truly appreciate and value the trust you place upon us.

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