About Us....Our Vision

Our Vision is we believe that all children have the right to be understood and valued as innate individuals and to be given the time, opportunity and support to develop as self-competent, creative learners.   Every child is unique and at Herstmonceux Pre School we wholeheartedly believe the following to be the fundamental steps you need to take to find the most suitable solution for your childcare and educational needs. Above all, you and your child need to be in an environment where you feel happy and confident to leave your child, in a clean, safe and well-equipped setting. One where children are mixing well, playing together with plenty of opportunity to develop, learn, thrive and reach their full potential.

Safety and Security:

In a modern society it is essential to ensure that every step is taken to guarantee the safety and security of your child. An environment where you feel that your child is fully protected without making them feel closed in or intimidated.

The Environment:

Our vision is to create a secure and inspiring space that values, respects and cares for your child.   We believe that each child should have lots of access to the outdoors. We hope that, in partnership with you, we can nurture and support your child to reach their full potential. The Pre School has operated from the village hall since 2000 and has achieved ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted judgements in all areas in 2007 and 2011.

The Practitioners:

Unique to Herstmonceux Pre School is our team of highly qualified and experienced Early Years Practitioners. They will work closely, with you, to understand your child's individual needs and tailor their learning and play accordingly. Our Pre School vision is to offer a ‘home from home’ environment for all children where they are nurtured and motivated to grow as individuals.