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Health and Nutrition at Herstmonceux Pre-School



Making our snacks:

At Herstmonceux Pre-School we encourage children from the very youngest of age to be our snack helpers. This involves choosing, preparing and serving snack to their friends. This is an important learning opportunity for children to build upon a variety of key skills.

Meal times:

Herstmonceux Pre-School recognises the importance of healthy eating and a balanced, nutritious diet. We work hard to accommodate special dietary requirements or allergies and we are committed to embracing the cultural and religious diversity of the families who use our services.


At Herstmonceux Pre-School we have a healthy eating policy. We want to make sure that children are eating a variety of foods during the week, covering the five food groups of fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals and potatoes, milk and dairy and meat, fish and alternatives. We design our snack menu from our children's individual likes and dislikes. Children bring in a packed lunch, which we encourage them to be healthy and nutritious, this mealtime is a calm, social time, where the children can enjoy eating their food amongst friends.

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